Singer-songwriter: album review – Tom Fairnie ‘Lightning in the Dark’

An Edinburgh-based singer-songwriter whose writing cuts across a number of styles, encompassing Americana, folk, country and blues – Tom Fairnie and has built up a considerable reputation on the Scottish folk circuit.

Over in Austin, Texas, Grammy-nominated producer, Merel Bregante, came across Fairnie’s music, was inspired by his songs and invited him over to Austin to record. Friends, family and fans rallied round to make that happen, courtesy of a crowdfunding campaign and a series of benefit gigs and Fairnie pitched up in Texas. In the studio he worked with a stellar cast of musicians who had previously played alongside the likes of Doc Watson, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson and Jackson Browne. Lightning in the Dark is the result, an album of breathtaking Americana with Celtic influences shining through. It’s a delicious fusion of styles. Dobros and banjos nestle with whistles and pipes to create something both beautiful and extraordinary – Celticana as Bregante dubbed it.

The sound is special but so, too, are the songs. Fairnie’s gift as a songwriter and easy-going but thought-provoking lyrics, many of them composed with songwriting partner and fellow poet Bob Shields, make this a standout-out album.

An absolute gem of an album. If you love Americana seek out Tom Fairnie’s Lightning In The Dark. You will not be disappointed.

Released: 1st May 2020



4 thoughts on “Singer-songwriter: album review – Tom Fairnie ‘Lightning in the Dark’

  1. Hi Darren
    I’m not sure if it appropriate to add my comments here but I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to listen to my CD and to give it such a great review. You have no idea how much that means to me. I am sure you have a good idea of the time, resources, effort and energy it has taken for it all to happen but, at the heart of the whole thing, there are the songs that one desperately wants others to hear. A review like this would encourage me to seek out the CD and give it a listen. I can’t ask anything more. Thanks and stay safe. Tom

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      1. Darren, thank you for the wonderful words. This album was a journey into a land of magic. Tom, is a weaver of stories that certainly spoke to me…as I believe they will speak to others. I have done many. This one sits at the top.

        I am both honored and so glad that you like Lightning In The Dark.

        Please stay safe and well.

        My best to you and yours.



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