Other music writing and links

On the rock front I contribute to the classic rock and metal website Get Ready to Rock.

On the folk front I am a regular contributor to the Bright Young Folk website and I have also contributed numerous CD reviews for the now sadly defunct fRoots magazine.

On a local level, I have written regular gig reviews for the fortnightly Hastings Independent, and for the independent music website covering the Hastings and 1066 area The Stinger as well as the Hastings Online Times

You can find details about my music PR work at Darren Johnson music PR

My previous professional life was in full time politics and I frequently had articles published in the national, local and specialist press, like this piece for The Guardian.

A number of artists have linked to and quoted from my reviews on their own websites and anyone else is free to do but a credit would be nice. Again, you are equally welcome to use and share the photos from this site as long as you credit them. Unless otherwise credited all the live photos are by me.

A useful resource for information on set-lists at live gigs is setlist.fm the set-list wiki – it’s something I often make use of in double-checking the set-list of a band I’ve just seen.

Some other music websites I follow:

Greater Manchester Rock Radio

Just For The Record

SMART: Seventies Music And Retro Talk

Every Record Tells a Story


Heavy Metal Overload

The Immortal Jukebox

17 Seconds

Left and to the Back

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