Music campaigns

Ticket Resales – Stop the resale of concert tickets at inflated prices on secondary websites. Link to petition here.

Music and Brexit – here is an article I wrote for the Promote Classical website on the impact of leaving the EU on musicians and music: Should we stay or should we go? and here is a similar piece I wrote on the impact on the rock world Could Brexit screw British rock bands?

Save our venues – sadly, numerous live music venues are under threat of closure, particularly in London where spiralling land values are making it increasingly difficult for venues to survive or where new neighbouring developments are threatening their viability, even when they are thriving and popular. Here is a letter I had printed in numerous local papers in London: London’s live music venues are facing a crisis –let’s not lose any more of them

Agent of Change campaign– A campaign well worth supporting is for the adoption of the “agent of change” principle, aimed at preventing new neighbouring developments threatening the viability of existing venues. Info here.

London’s Grassroots Music Venues Rescue Plan – click here to download report

Music Heritage UK – a charity that exists to promote protect and preserve the UK’s musical heritage. Info here.

Music Venues Trust – set up to protect the UK’s live music network. Info here.

Save London Music – grassroots campaign to protect local venues and studios. Info here.

Petition on Ticket Touts – petition to UK Parliament. Info here


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